Top 10 uses of coconut oil


Have you ever heard of coconut oil? If the answer is no, the chances you’ve been living on Mars for the last few years are higher than the Transamerica Pyramid.

No kidding: the buzz about coconut oil has spread literally all over the web, and if you think it’s only a veggie-addicted trend doomed to fade, you are TOTALLY, COMPLETELY and EXTREMELY off the right path!

Not only can you cook with it – in fact, coconut oil is the best substitute of butter -, but you can also use it in tons and tons of different way in your daily beauty routine. Here’s a list of ten, just to give you a little warm up.
(I’m sorry Maxime, but you know: who runs the world? Girls! – Queen Bee, you’re loved, always and forever!)

1. Hair Mask
Your hair is craving for coconut oil and you didn’t even know it. Shame on you! Thanks to its buttery consistence, it’ll soothe your hair in a snap. Remember: a dab on your ends is enough. You don’t want your hair to get greasy, do you?

2. Frizz fighter
Hey, curly girls! I’m talking to you! I know you think your curls can’t be tamed no matter how much effort you put, but give coconut oil a try: it will blow your mind away…and bye-bye unwanted fizz!

3. Body Oil
Its creamy texture makes it perfect for your dry, thirsty skin. Today is the perfect day to start a never-ending love story. Your skin couldn’t have asked for anything better.

4. Body scrub
Give yourself a luscious treatment while removing dead skin cells. Good for all the body, perfect for elbows and feet. Coconut oil will moisturize in the blink of an eye, giving you that baby softness you’ve almost forgot.

5. Oil pulling
You only need 20 minutes, coconut oil will do the rest. Swish it around in your mouth to expel toxins and freshen your breath.

6. Makeup Remover

Ok, ok, let me guess. You are a waterproof mascara addict, but you’re always struggling to get rid of it before going to bed (you do remove your makeup every night, don’t you?!?)? Here’s the solution for you: cotton ball and –drums roll-coconut oil!

7. Deodorant
Probably, it’s not as effective as the regular deodorants, but this powerful nut can come in handy if you ran out of your stash but stores are already closed.

8. Lip balm
Cracking lips don’t stand a chance against the ultra-hydrating power of coconut oil.

9. Cuticle softener
Struggling with ragged cuticles every once in a while? Gotcha, sister! Coco is here to help you out: it hydrates your skin and strengthens your nails better than anything else. Try it!

10. Shaving cream
Last but not least – Maxime, are you still with us? This is (also) for you! –, coconut oil is perfect to smoothe your skin while shaving. No more cuts for you, but a deeply moisturized skin only.

Let’s go nuts for coconut!

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