Top 7 Tips To Not Annoy Your Friends As A Vegan


A lot of people just cannot imagine going vegan, but for me it was a piece of cake. Surprisingly, the hardest part about becoming vegan was not the diet itself, but the social aspect. Tons of vegans share a passion for food, a healthy lifestyle and animals. But sometimes we just get carried away, talking about our diet for hours and hours and hours. This might not be a problem if your friends are vegan as well, but if your friends are carnivores they might get annoyed after some time. Here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening:

1. Don’t talk about veganism all the time
As a passionate vegan myself, I know how this feels. Switching over to a vegan diet made me experience some serious detox symptoms, but after that I started to feel amazing. Maybe you lose weight, maybe your skin clears up, or maybe you just want to tell the whole world that you just went vegan. Whatever it is, just enjoy the journey and don’t talk to your friends about it all the time. The key is to know when to stop.

2. Insisting that vegan cheese tastes like the real thing, because let’s be honest, it doesn’t
You might be vegan for some time now, and every once in a while you try some vegan alternatives for animal products. It could be that you don’t remember how the real thing tasted, or your taste buds just totally changed, but claiming that vegan products taste exactly the same as conventional food is not a good idea. Don’t even start this conversation.

3. Don’t fill up your Facebook page with upsetting images of animal cruelty
It is okay to post some veganism related content every once in a while, but don’t overdo it. You really don’t want people to block your feed or (worst case scenario) unfriend you.

4. Don’t force your friends to try your vegan food
You might have found the best vegan ice cream, chocolate cake or burger. So, what you can do is take a nice picture and post it on your vegan blog or Instagram account where you can share your new discovery with all your vegan followers. The best way to share vegan food with your other friends is to just offer them food without emphasizing on the fact that it is vegan.

5. Acknowledge that not everyone loves grocery shopping as much as you do
Some people might not know this, but vegans get very excited about food. And going grocery shopping is one of our favorite activities. Our mind goes something like this: “The produce looks so fresh. Oh, blueberries are on sale…maybe I should start making smoothies again. Oh my god, a new veggie burger. I wonder if this product is vegan…I should check the ingredient list.” So, whenever you have company while grocery shopping, try to keep your visit to Whole Foods (this store is particularly dangerous) short, or just avoid going there at all.

6. Don’t make any comments about your friends eating meat at a BBQ
If your friends invite you to a BBQ, it’s probably not a good idea to list all the negative effects meat has on your health. If you don’t want to be the outsider who sits in the corner, eating your veggie burger all on your own, then just enjoy the time with your friends and don’t think about the food that everyone’s eating.

7. Don’t force an entire group of your non-vegan friends to go to a vegan restaurant
This one goes without any explanation. The only exception would be if it’s your birthday dinner, because let’s be honest, it is your special day after all. Nowadays it is so easy to find vegan food at almost every restaurant, and if there is really nothing that you can have, then eat beforehand and order something small (little tip for all the vegans out there).

So, if any of you carnivores out there ever got annoyed by a vegan, I apologize. Generally, vegans are good people, but there is one question that drives us crazy and you should avoid it at all times: “But where do you get your protein?”

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