A different day

Imagine a girl who loves animals but is not fond of sealife. Imagine a girl who loves swimming – she learnt when she was four, after all – but not in the sea, not to mention the Ocean. This kind of girl should stay away from water as much as she can, shouldn’t she? Living in her comfort zone, without taking any risks, being safe…
Let’s assume, though, that the girl loves challenges and, most of all, she loves challenging herself. What is that girl going to do?
Now suppose that friends of her want to go whale-watching in the open Ocean and they invite her. What will her answer be? Challenge accepted, of course!
Gosh, I’m regretting it since the very moment I said yes – am I an idiot? What was I thinking about? Doesn’t matter, I’ll figure something out – lifejackets are on every boat, aren’t they? Ok, I’ll play the part of Jack Dawson in Titanic, I already know it. Breathe, Marta, breathe!
The boat starts its engine and…ready, steady, go! A snap and we are in the open Ocean. Sun is shining high, wind is blowing and:”What’s that thing over there? Right in front of you! Is it a fin?”.
Words can hardly describe the emotions I was feeling in that moment. Three – maybe four or more – whales were swimming not so far from us, lifting water all around them. They were huge, enormous, but their moves so surprisingly graceful. I couldn’t help but staying with eyes wide open, fully enjoying the moment.
All of sudden, the fear was forgotten. The only thing that mattered back there was those beautiful animals that were dancing for us. I was proud of myself, proud of having challenged myself, once again, to live an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.
Thank you Ella, thank you Katie: it wouldn’t have happened without you! *


*This post was written before going skydiving: another great challenge is waiting for me! I’ll keep you posted!

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