Unforgettable memory

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On March 10th, 2015, I started my super gap year, heading to The Philippines and Australia. My family and my friends worried a lot about my safety being a woman traveling alone to the countries that I had never been to. At that time, I knew nobody there. But I believed that people like me never intended to be bad and always tried to help others as long as I can, should be god blessed. I would be lucky.

The story happened in Tasmania, Australia. It was April 7th, Easter holiday. I arrived at Devonport, the third biggest city in Tasmania, around 1:00pm. I would get on the cruise ship, Spirit of Tasmania, at 7:30pm to Melbourne.

The ship was just in front of me, across the river. I stood at the dock. Looked like there should be ferry boats sending the passengers to the ship. But I could not see them.

The first thing I should find out was how to get to the ship and get the timetable. As it was still on Easter holiday, the visitor center closed. I went to the post office to send a post card for my German friend. I asked the staff there.

He told me there were two ways to get to the ship:

1, Swim across the river;

2, There was a bridge one mile away. There was no bus, nor cab in the city.

The ferry boat was only available during tourist season, which was in summer.

I was dumbfounded.  Walked there for nearly 2 hours!  I couldn’t believe it.  I should take air plane if I knew the situation in advance. I could never imagine that getting to the ship would be a problem. I stared at my big luggage, worrying.   But what could I do? It was the only way so far.

Then, there was a sweet voice behind me.

“I can send you to the ship. When do you need to be there?”

I turned around. A beautiful lady with silver hair was in front of me.

“Oh.  Really?  It is so nice of you. Thank you!  When is your convenient time?”

“When do you need to leave here?”

“Hum, 6:00pm is my best time. But I can be flexible according to your schedule.”

“It is ok, 6:00pm. you can wait for me at this post office.”

Oh, I was so pleasantly surprised to this kind offer. She wrote down her mobile No. Her name was Chris.

After that I walked around the city center for half an hour. Actually there was only one main street. I took my time watching the movie “Fast and Furious 7”. It was acted by Paul Walker, his last character.

I arrived at the post office at 5:40pm, Chris appeared in 10 minutes. She was driving her red BMW car with a girl. The girl was her navigator! She didn’t know how to get to the cruise ship and had the girl help her out especially giving me a ride!

Chris was a Swiss model when she was young, and lived in San Francisco for some years.There should be some reasons that I was sent to her, she said.

We hugged to say goodbye, tears in eyes!

During my travel, I have met different people. While I was in difficulties, there was always someone around me helping me out. I really appreciated for everybody in my life!

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