Vacation in Vancouver


During spring break I went to Canada for the first time. As soon as I arrived at the airport, I noticed the beauty of the country.The trees had a bright green color and the flowers were about to bloom. Having arrived at the hotel I wanted to take a brief look at the city, but since my brother and my boyfriend arrived 4 hours later, I did not do anything special. I stayed at a Hotel in Downtown called Pinnacle Habourfront.  Throughout the following two weeks I realized that the Hotel was perfectly located. For those, who are on the search for a beautiful holiday destination, I strongly suggest Vancouver. On the second day we went to Robson Street, which is well-known for shopping. The weather was beautiful and the streets were astonishingly clean. At around 2 p.m. we started to get hungry, so we went on the hunt for a good restaurant, which isn´t too expensive. We found one called “Cannibal” and stated to have really good burgers. Of course, we had to try them. I am still gobsmacked at how friendly the employees and their boss were. The burgers were out of this world. We also visited the local aquarium, which was awesome. It was a sunny day and the aquarium was surrounded by a stunning park with exotic plants. The following day we went to the International Auto Show. We saw cars to be seldom seen. Every automobile brand had its car models presented. It was really impressive. Struck by the nature, we finally decided to rent a bike and made a cycling tour around the city. Despite the fact that I am not a passionate and motivated cyclist, I could not complain at all. Actually, quite the opposite! I have never seen anything like that before! It was the best tour I have ever had my whole entire life. It was just breathtaking to cycle around the coast seeing the sun go down. Vancouver, definitely worth a visit!

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