Hey guys, long time no see!

I’ve just come back from an amazing roadtrip through California and a few bordering states which literally left me stunned: overwhelming natural landscapes, very enjoyable company, no internet connection and miles and miles and miles. But this is another story, first things first.

Where we at? If I’m not mistaken, I’ve promised to talk about my skydiving experience, am I right?

Since you know how comfortable I am in jumping out of my comfort zone, I guess I don’t need to tell you that I was…ahem..a bit…let’s say…TERRIFIED. To death, to be precise.
Despite this, as a feeeewww classmates and friends of mine may confirm, I’ve had complete control over my emotions, I’ve been the picture of serenity, above all I’ve never gotten cold feet about it. No, never. Oh my God, I couldn’t stop thinking I was going to die and I can’t count the times I said that!!! I do apologize now, everybody, and thank you for your limitless patience.
Let’s make it short, guys: after approximately two hours and half driving from San Francisco, we got to Sacramento –which, as I was given to understand, isn’t a particularly appealing city. Everything happened so fast that I could hardly realize what was going on: as we walked in that huge building, skydivers were all around us, giving instructions and placing the harness on us. “Hi, my name is Crash and I’ll jump with you. Whether we survive or not is yet to be determined. Here’s my buddy, Impact: he’s in charge for the pictures and the video. Hey, take a deep breathe: nothing can happen with the two of us, you’re such in good hands!” – said a voice behind my back, as I signed my last will – woops, the form. Crash and Impact?!?! Are you kidding me?! I’ll die, now I’m sure.

Before I could say a word, we were on the plane, reaching the needed height: 2.485 miles, 4 km – my heart still skips a beat as I’m writing this number. I can’t really remember what happened when the doors opened except for me closing my eyes in terror, but the magical duo told me that I kept on screaming “NO, NO, NO” till we jumped out of the plane. A fraction of a second and, after a few spins, I found myself floating in the air, enjoying that amazing boundless vertical view disclosed under my eyes. The perfect weather, the two guys doing their best to make me feel at ease in living such a crazy experience, my friends there to share it with me: these things definitely made my day. Extraordinary, nothing more to add.


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