Incredible STONEHOUSE FARM in Chicago (3)

FullSizeRender 7

There were tents and yurts throughout the farm.   Guests could rent the beds in the yurts or rent tents, or could bring their own tents to camp on the farm.

This was a native American style sweat lodge.  We needed to set it up whenever we wanted to have a sauna.  It was built by the branches covered with felt blanket and plastic cloth.


There were big round stones underneath the bonfire. It took about 2 hours to burn the stones to be red. Then the hot stones were rolled along the ditch leading to the sweat lodge. Water was poured to the hot stones creating vapor.  We wiped our body with sesame oil and sat on bath towels in the lodge. If we felt too hot, we could lie down to the ground. The earth would take away extra heat. That was how the earth worked as the mother of all creatures in the world. It always provided protection.



Celestial music was created from the glass bowls.



The colorful metal folks were hitting each other surround people. That was amazing experience.

FullSizeRender 3

Marshmallows was burnt and eaten with chocolate cookies.  We sang and danced around the bonfire. That was our life.


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